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Our team of Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) provides tailored solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses in assurance, advisory, tax and accounting which allows you as the owner/manager to focus on your business. Call our firm in Mississauga at (905) 848-8830.

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One of the primary roles of an accounting firm is to provide assurance. In the context of financial statements, assurance stems from a review of a company's financial data with an eye to making sure that they are an accurate representation. Different degrees of review are appropriate to differing situations; for example, a Compilation is simply the preparation of statements per data provided by the client for the purpose of filing tax returns or consolidating information to a usable format. At the other end of the scale, an Audit is a substantive process of validating data and understanding the internal control systems to ensure that there are no misstatements and to lend credibility to the statements. What level of engagement you require for your business will depend on who makes use of the financial statements and for what purpose. One should also consider the needs of those who may have a need at some later date for assurance of your financial statements, such as a future purchaser or investor from the U.S. or some other foreign country.

We favour a hands-on approach with our clients in Mississauga. Our core services as Chartered Accountants are assurance and Canadian / U.S. tax compliance, as well as bookkeeping, but we aim to develop more substantive relationships with our clients and provide custom services to address each specific situation. Strategic planning from an accounting point of view, including tax & wealth planning, budgeting, financing proposals and benchmarking are just a few of the additional services we offer to assist with the operational and strategic management of your business. We see our role as handling the financial tasks that divert your attention from the management of your business.

The firm is a partnership of like-minded but diversely experienced CPA's. Each has of course acquired the necessary education and practical experience to earn the CPA designation; however, more importantly, their paths have led to this partnership through a variety of private and public accounting roles, giving each a unique set of core skills and perspectives on business. Each one is ultimately an entrepreneur dedicated to providing custom solutions for professional accounting services to their clients, creating lasting relationships by serving as partners to business owners across Mississauga, Toronto and the rest of the GTA.

As accountants in public practice and having worked for private clients as well, the founders of Huron Partners have experience in a very broad range of industries, from professional service providers (dentists, optometrists, veterinarians for example) to not-for-profit organizations, from retail to education, from waste management to hospitality. The constant, no matter the industry, is that there are certain key underlying factors in any business that create value: competitive advantage, efficiency, productivity, growth potential and innovation. As your partner, we aim to be more than your accountant; we aim to be your advisors, to help focus and direct you to manage those core elements in your business.

Tax accounting covers a broad range of topics, from the mundane issues of compliance (with respect to both personal and corporate income taxes as well as sales tax remittances) to the more complex and forward-thinking areas of estate planning, succession planning, exit planning, tax planning, tax structuring, family trusts, corporate reorganization and much more. Enlisting the aid of Huron Partners to manage (prepare, review and file) the various tax requirements and to respond to CRA audit requests allows you to focus on managing your business. We also encourage you to seek our advice on matters that relate to future taxes; by planning ahead and projecting the impact of today's decisions on both your personal and your corporate tax picture, we can help you minimize the total tax burden for yourself and for future generations. As a member of MGI Worldwide, we can assist with your taxation issues here in Canada, in the U.S. and other international jurisdictions.

Call our firm in Mississauga at (905) 848-8830 for solutions in assurance, advisory, tax and accounting tailored to your small-to-medium sized business.