Tax Accountant Mississauga

Tax accounting covers a broad range of topics, from the mundane issues of compliance (with respect to both personal and corporate income taxes as well as sales tax remittances) to the more complex and forward-thinking areas of estate planning, succession planning, exit planning, tax planning, tax structuring, family trusts, corporate reorganization and much more. Enlisting the aid of Huron Partners to manage (prepare, review and file) the various tax requirements and to respond to CRA audit requests allows you to focus on managing your business. We also encourage you to seek our advice on matters that relate to future taxes; by planning ahead and projecting the impact of today's decisions on both your personal and your corporate tax picture, we can help you minimize the total tax burden for yourself and for future generations. As a member of MGI Worldwide, we can assist with your taxation issues here in Canada, in the U.S. and other international jurisdictions.

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