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One of the primary roles of an accounting firm is to provide assurance. In the context of financial statements, assurance stems from a review of a company's financial data with an eye to making sure that they are an accurate representation. Different degrees of review are appropriate to differing situations; for example, a Compilation is simply the preparation of statements per data provided by the client for the purpose of filing tax returns or consolidating information to a usable format. At the other end of the scale, an Audit is a substantive process of validating data and understanding the internal control systems to ensure that there are no misstatements and to lend credibility to the statements. What level of engagement you require for your business will depend on who makes use of the financial statements and for what purpose. One should also consider the needs of those who may have a need at some later date for assurance of your financial statements, such as a future purchaser or investor from the U.S. or some other foreign country.

Our objective is to deliver value to you and your business. We do this in a number of ways: by improving operating results, by maximizing after-tax dollars, by delivering informative and valuable analyses to meet your needs and the needs of other vested parties, by customizing proactive tax plans to benefit you over the long term, by learning about your legacies and dynasties.

Above all, we focus on fostering strong, enduring relationships to help our clients achieve success and reach their goals.

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